My grandmother had an adage for every occasion, and "A hit dog will holler" was one of her favorites. She raised me so it's no wonder I began to imitate her. With her one-liner quips and quick wit, my grandma taught me well.

While she was the inspiration for MAMA SAID, it all started with one social media post in 2016... 

As some of my Facebook friends and I went back and forth sharing our favorite sayings, I realized how many phrases we shared from our childhood. The majority of these phrases were familiar but some were not as every family has its own unique language. To accommodate for this, blank cards have been included so that you can add your family's distinct sayings to the game.

The idea for MAMA SAID came to me after collecting these phrases over the years. I found myself writing on napkins, notes in my phone, on the back of envelopes as more would come to me. During the pandemic, I had the opportunity to bring it all together. This game is a tribute to the culture that molded me. Although she transitioned in late 2021, having my grandma's sayings in the game is like having her present with me always.

Playing MAMA SAID will be a delightful experience as you revisit those iconic catchphrases from your childhood, and even some that are still in use today! So, don't wait any longer, get your game now because, as Mama always said, "If you wait long, you'll wait wrong!"